Explore and expand on your next psychedelic healing journey


"Who dares to face their fears, break down prison walks, to walk with love?" 

                                                      Psalm 60

...while a skilled companion safely holds space for you. 

When used in the context of ceremony and curated setting, Cannabis, also known as "the Divine Mother," allows people to quiet the active mind and drop into the somatic wisdom of the body. This approach allows for personal and societal transformation.


Many people now identify as "spiritual not religious." Whether active in a faith community or not, humans sincerely desire transpersonal connection that shapes meaning and purpose. Journeying with Cannabis, available in Utah with a medical card, releases the wounds of this life while opening to new possibilities. 

If you are ready to confront your pain, release your suffering, and open to healing and beauty as you navigate the depths of psyche and soul, consider working with                  as your guide.