Integrating ART, SPIRITUALITY & HEALTH to serve corporate and non-profit communities

Saundra Shanti, BCC

As a board certified multi-faith chaplain, Shanti merges art and spirituality in an imaginative process that transforms art supplies and life experience into something therapeutic and meaningful. She has engaged hospital staff, patients, and survivors of domestic violence in art-making to express themselves, explore their success or suffering, and move toward holistic well-being.


Her playful and probing approach cultivates connection with the essential self, other people, and the sacred. This creative exploration transcends barriers that traditional religious or academic language might impose, and allows people to access their own inner wisdom and give it voice. 


As a skilled, empathic listener, Shanti has created space for thousands of people to share in a way that personal narrative is compassionately received. Many have reported feeling relief and transformation as a result of such intentional conversations. She has led more than 100 groups guiding people to make meaning while making art.