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Ceremony & Spirituality

By inviting Cannabis Sativa, a plant medicine ally, into relationship with ourselves and each other, we create an environment that coaxes your whole self to come into fuller expression. 


Saundra's approach is very relational and collaborative, and is built on trust, transparency, and skilled listening. She uses all her intellectual learning and personal experience to be present with you. Cannabis Sativa is the expert in the room, and Saundra serves to evoke YOUR wisdom from your own body, mind, and soul! 

In Saundra's view the purpose of engaging in this work (or play) is to move toward wholeness. This requires a non-dualistic approach to the process that is not reduced to either treating trauma or following one's bliss. We welcome ALL that is offered from every direction! The brilliantly clear and the mysteriously uncertain. All the difficult, shadowy emotions as well as the bright and bouncy ones are given a seat at the table. The process evokes: 

  • Psychological exploration and healing that includes trauma resolution and nervous system regulation. 

  • Problem solving and discovery with an increased connection to your own intuition to provide guidance and solution.

  • Spiritual and religious communion through soulful encounters that invite us into more generosity, more love, more kindness, and authentic honor for ourselves and others.   

  • Creativity, play, and celebration of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful that inspire us to actively engage in nurturing the world in all its suffering and glory. 


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