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Email to begin a conversation. 


Care begins with a free 30-minute phone consultation which allows for introductions, questions, and a description of Saundra's approach. 


A typical cannabis journey lasts for three hours. Saundra offers a sliding scale of $160-$200 per hour. This allows time for connection, intention-setting, ceremony, journeying, and recovery. 

Integration is essential for personal transformation. This one-hour dialogue the day after your journey allows you to alchemize your experience into practical insights that apply to your life. 

The Introductory Protocol for $1300 ($110 savings on the lowest hourly rate) is highly recommended (but not required) as you begin your process. This allows for adequate preparation to maximize the value of your cannabis journey, along with integration following each session. These sessions would ideally be scheduled within a ten-day window in order to provide immediate support and greater clarity that allows you to jumpstart into a new stage of transformation, recover from difficult life experiences, and find new meaning and direction in life. The Protocol Includes: 

 1. Preparation Session - This one-hour session is an opportunity for you to deeply explore your goals and intentions for the work, learn skills for navigating your psychedelic terrain, develop new strategies to support integration and healing, and share your story. 

2. Psychedelic Journey - In this three-hour session you enter into process through intentional ceremony, are guided to experience non-ordinary states of consciousness, and safely return from your experience. 

3. Integration - This one-hour video call is where you deepen the meaning of your psychedelic experience as Saundra reflects with you about what transpired in your session and evokes more of your own wisdom and understanding into practical life application. 

4. Second Psychedelic Journey

5. Second Integration Session

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