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Listen...Just Listen

Oil and Collage 24"x24"

What is being disclosed to this 3-year-old human heart? She is listening intently to her interior while simultaneously looking to the skies in order to hear from her heart’s SOURCE. Notice the letters spelling out that word.

She is not afraid. The Source, represented by the fire and light that sustains human life on this planet, is considered trustworthy by this little one. For all of its power and potential to burn away whatever isn’t needed, the sun is shining joyfully and sharing a warm exchange with the child, whose visage demonstrates calm expectation.

Seated in the branch of a tree, (because where else would one go to hear from the Holy?), my inner child looks up while listening within. Trees are often the friends of inquirers. They offer branches for a seat and they wave their leaves coaxing Spirit to stir and speak. Wind becomes breath and morphs into inspiration. Despite all the excitement above, the little one continues to be still, wondering, “What wants to be spoken to me?”

The skies move in this painting, gently under the sun and energetically around the hummingbird’s wings. The silence and the sounds mingle around the little girl while she waits and watches.

Some birds inhabit the space. One is nesting, another is alighting, while the most pronounced bird is carrying its message, as angels sometimes do. In contrast to all the motion and rustling around the girl, she quietly attends to her heart, and waits for a voice to tell her what she, perhaps, already knows.

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1 Comment

Jeffrey Melcher
Jeffrey Melcher
Feb 22, 2022

I know what she is listening for. I too am listening for the sounds I once heard. I know they are there.

- Jef Melcher, CPE student, SFNM Fall cohort.

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